Ravel Morrison

With Ravel Morrison close to signing for West Ham at the time of writing we take a look at the saga surrounding this precocious talent over the last 18 months or so of his United career.

What isn’t in question in this post is Ravel’s talent, hes scored goals at every level for United which has seen him get a couple of chances in the first team. Sir Alex himself when he signed terms for United in early 2010 described him as the most talented player he had ever seen at that age. That is a huge statement from a man who has watched and nurtured the likes of Paul Scholes, Ryan Giggs and David Beckham at young ages.

So whats gone wrong, he has the talent, the fans are desperate for him to succeed with social media having been lit up with Ravel’s name during the last few months with his will he wont he sign situation, together with many calling for him to be given a chance in the side, especially given how many midfield injuries we have at the moment. Sir Alex obviously rates him as a player yet his chances in the first team have been limited and now it would seem the club are happy to ship him out for a cut price £1mil deal.

Much of whats gone wrong would suggest is down to attitude. We know Ferguson does not tolerate players who think they are bigger than the club or are not willing to put the club first, bigger names than Ravel Morrison have been ushered out of the Old Trafford door for lesser reasons. In a recent press conference Sir Alex lauded Danny Welbeck for his attitude together with a number of others from the youth and reserve setups, ironically enough the only person not mentioned was Ravel which some would suggest was an indirect dig at the youngster.

Contract discussions certainly started back in December but stalled, Ravel changing his agent part way through and there have been many rumours since suggesting Ravel’s wage demands have been way in excess of reasonable. There have also been more than one of his team mate’s who have openly criticised Ravel for turning up late to training and general apathy towards working hard in training, not the kind of attitude that will adhere any young player into Sir Alex’s good books.

Then there have been numerous off field problems, he has 2 counts of witness intimidation last year, a referral order which expires this month and has a police caution for assaulting his own mother. Through all of this the club have stuck by him and given him opportunities to prove himself.

In summary I would lean towards this, Sir Alex has one of the best reputations for bringing young talent into the game and giving them a chance in the first team. Players with less talent have been given more time, the likes of Keith Gillespe, Luke Chadwick and even more recently Darren Gibson were all given big opportunities to shine, players I add who showed the right kind of attitude to the club and training. Sir Alex also does not suffer fools lightly and if he feels a player is not suited to Manchester United football Club, that he is disruptive to the team or does not have the right attitude to succeed at this club then he is shown the door and rarely is he wrong to do so.

I wish Ravel well if he ends up at West Ham, I can’t help feel we have let one go that could end up a huge, huge talent but if Sir Alex feels he isn’t right for Manchester United then who are we to argue. Everything Sir Alex does is for the very best of this club, our club and it’s not like Ravel hasn’t been given time.


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