United V Liverpool

Every year when the fixtures get released the first match I look for is United V Liverpool at Old Trafford. For me its the biggest fixture of the season, forget all of the Evra/Suarez incidents or Daglish’s stupid comments in interview this is about football between the 2 biggest sides in England its 19 v 18 going head to head once more.

The year was 1983 and as a 7-year-old boy I was looking forward to my very first trip to Old Trafford a place that would one day become a second home. Coming from a United background, my Grandfather was at the 1968 European Cup and my Father like me followed in his footsteps to become a Red. What a game for my first match United V Liverpool even then at the age of 7 I was aware what this game meant. Liverpool were the current powerhouses of English football, current champions, European Cup winners on 3 occasions it didn’t get much bigger as a game.

For the game itself I don’t recall a great deal, I do remember missing the only goal being 7 and small at best when everyone jumped up as Graham swung the ball over I missed Stapleton side foot home. I do remember cheering and the crowd singing and the train journey home only for the fact I got crushed which ironically is something that hasn’t changed over the years. It would be 7 years before I returned to Old Trafford but that day lives with me forever, my first game a win against Liverpool.

We all know the history Liverpool dominated for a number of years after that before we appointed Sir Alex and our period of domination took place. What remained during those dark days was our need to beat Liverpool at every opportunity and when Sir Alex came to United his only desire was to knock Liverpool off their perch. He did that whats important now is we don’t let them back on.

United V Liverpool will always be the game I look for first, its history, my history of this game stems 30+ years of my watching football and further still.It’s a game that will be full of passion, probably played at 100 mile an hour and always has incident but that’s what makes it great a true advert for English football.

Its a must win game, win and it makes my weekend, lose and its ruined.

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